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Abandoned Desert City
Abandoned Desert City.jpg
Location Statistics
Type: Landmark
Repair: No
Recharge: No
Fast Travel: Yes
Coordinates: 2086, 8696
Beta 0.51

The Abandoned Desert City is a Pujan ruin located in the Desert, which is stylized similarly to ancient Egyptian architecture and includes tall towers and what appear to be segments of elevated road, as well as the Emanation Points guarded by Giant Robots armed with lasers. The predominant enemies in the ruins are Natives. The fast travel location itself is just outside a tall hollow tower where Peter Asimov and Ava Azniv are holed up, containing mysterious futuristic pod-like objects. It is unknown whether these are part of the ruins or belong to the colonists.



Ava Azniv.png Ava Azniv
Peter Asimov.png Peter Asimov

Joining Later[]

Rol Olympus.png Rol Olympus - After completing quest Meeting Ava