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Allen Carter
Allen Carter.png
Vital Statistics
Shop: Yes
Gender: Male
Origin: Earth
Initial Location: Carter Camp

Master Emergency Medical Technician.png Master First Aid.png Medical Laboratory Technician Training III.png Treatment Training III.png Empty Skill Slot.png

Ver 1.1.3

"I pretty much left everything behind to live a dream, and now it's turned into a dramatic nightmare, hahaha."

―Allen Carter, when asked why he signed up for the mission

Allen Carter is a doctor whose lifeboat luckily landed just a bit to the north from where the player's lifeboat crashed down.


Growing up Allen always wanted to be a space explorer, but his family was too poor for him to go. When the Epiphany mission started, he signed up and was happy to be accepted. He is one of the older members of the mission and is in his 60's. pre-Beta


Allen Carter's Shop – Page 1 of 2

Allen Carter's Shop – Page 2 of 2

He starts with 300-600Meat$.png and has the following items available for sale.

Item Price
Headlamp Icon.png Headlamp 20Meat$.png
Torch Icon.png Torch 18Meat$.png
Torch Icon.pngScript Overlay.png Torch Script 9Meat$.png
Stone Sword (1H) Icon.png Stone Sword 76Meat$.png
Stone Sword (1H) Icon.pngScript Overlay.png Stone Sword Script 38Meat$.png
Stone Shield Icon.png Stone Shield 76Meat$.png
Stone Shield Icon.pngScript Overlay.png Stone Shield Script 38Meat$.png
Stone Shovel Icon.png Stone Shovel 63Meat$.png
Stone Shovel Icon.pngScript Overlay.png Stone Shovel Script 32Meat$.png
Stone Pickaxe Icon.png Stone Pickaxe 63Meat$.png
Stone Pickaxe Icon.pngScript Overlay.png Stone Pickaxe Script 32Meat$.png
Stone Axe Icon.png Stone Axe 63Meat$.png
Stone Axe Icon.pngScript Overlay.png Stone Axe Script 32Meat$.png
Wood Bow Icon.png Wood Bow 65Meat$.png
Wood Bow Icon.pngScript Overlay.png Wood Bow Script 33Meat$.png
Hunter Clothing (F) Icon.png Hunter Clothing (F) 118Meat$.png
Hunter Clothing (F) Icon.pngScript Overlay.png Hunter Clothing (F) Script 59Meat$.png
Hunter Pants (F) Icon.png Hunter Pants (F) 118Meat$.png
Hunter Pants (F) Icon.pngScript Overlay.png Hunter Pants (F) Script 59Meat$.png
Hunter Shoes (F) Icon.png Hunter Shoes (F) 51Meat$.png
Hunter Shoes (F) Icon.pngScript Overlay.png Hunter Shoes (F) Script 26Meat$.png
Hunter Clothing (M) Icon.png Hunter Clothing (M) 118Meat$.png
Hunter Clothing (M) Icon.pngScript Overlay.png Hunter Clothing (M) Script 59Meat$.png
Hunter Pants (M) Icon.png Hunter Pants (M) 118Meat$.png
Hunter Pants (M) Icon.pngScript Overlay.png Hunter Pants (M) Script 59Meat$.png
Hunter Boots (M) Icon.png Hunter Boots (M) 51Meat$.png
Hunter Boots (M) Icon.pngScript Overlay.png Hunter Boots (M) Script 26Meat$.png
Revival Shot Icon.png Revival Shot 217Meat$.png
Revival Shot Icon.pngScript Overlay.png Revival Shot Script 109Meat$.png
Herbal Juice Icon.png Herbal Juice 10Meat$.png
Herbal Juice Icon.pngScript Overlay.png Herbal Juice Script 5Meat$.png
Restoration Bandage Icon.png Restoration Bandage 13Meat$.png
Restoration Bandage Icon.pngScript Overlay.png Restoration Bandage Script 7Meat$.png
Portable Medpack Icon.png Portable Medpack 23Meat$.png
Portable Medpack Icon.pngScript Overlay.png Portable Medpack Script 12Meat$.png
Roasted Meat Icon.png Roasted Meat 36Meat$.png
Roasted Meat Icon.pngScript Overlay.png Roasted Meat Script 18Meat$.png
Compressed Biscuit I Icon.png Compressed Biscuit I 18Meat$.png
Compressed Biscuit I Icon.pngScript Overlay.png Compressed Biscuit I Script 9Meat$.png
Wood Ladder Icon.png Wood Ladder 9Meat$.png
Wood Ladder Icon.pngScript Overlay.png Wood Ladder Script 5Meat$.png
Iron Ladder Icon.png Iron Ladder 23Meat$.png
Iron Ladder Icon.pngScript Overlay.png Iron Ladder Script 12Meat$.png
Wood Stairs Icon.png Wood Stairs 13Meat$.png
Wood Stairs Icon.pngScript Overlay.png Wood Stairs Script 7Meat$.png
Iron Stairs Icon.png Iron Stairs 45Meat$.png
Iron Stairs Icon.pngScript Overlay.png Iron Stairs Script 23Meat$.png
Arrow Icon.png Arrow 2Meat$.png
Arrow Icon.pngScript Overlay.png Arrow Script 1Meat$.png
Simple Plastic Icon.pngScript Overlay.png Simple Plastic Script 13Meat$.png
Animal Fat Icon.pngScript Overlay.png Animal Fat Script 7Meat$.png
Antidote Icon.png Antidote 29Meat$.png
Antidote Icon.pngScript Overlay.png Antidote Script 15Meat$.png
Antibiotics Icon.png Antibiotics 38Meat$.png
Antibiotics Icon.pngScript Overlay.png Antibiotics Script 19Meat$.png
Stomach Medicine Icon.png Stomach Medicine 29Meat$.png
Stomach Medicine Icon.pngScript Overlay.png Stomach Medicine Script 15Meat$.png
Disinfection Spray Icon.png Disinfection Spray 19Meat$.png
Disinfection Spray Icon.pngScript Overlay.png Disinfection Spray Script 10Meat$.png
Indigestion Tablet Icon.png Indigestion Tablet 19Meat$.png
Indigestion Tablet Icon.pngScript Overlay.png Indigestion Tablet Script 10Meat$.png
Serum Icon.png Serum 28Meat$.png
Serum Icon.pngScript Overlay.png Serum Script 14Meat$.png
Comfort Injection 1 Icon.png Comfort Injection 1 29Meat$.png
Comfort Injection 1 Icon.pngScript Overlay.png Comfort Injection 1 Script 15Meat$.png
Comfort Injection 2 Icon.png Comfort Injection 2 60Meat$.png
Comfort Injection 2 Icon.pngScript Overlay.png Comfort Injection 2 Script 30Meat$.png
Vitamin Tablets Icon.png Vitamin Tablets 19Meat$.png
Vitamin Tablets Icon.pngScript Overlay.png Vitamin Tablets Script 10Meat$.png
Stone Sword (2H) Icon.png Stone Sword 126Meat$.png
Stone Sword (2H) Icon.pngScript Overlay.png Stone Sword Script 63Meat$.png
Stone Dagger Icon.png Stone Dagger 152Meat$.png
Stone Dagger Icon.pngScript Overlay.png Stone Dagger Script 76Meat$.png
Heat Pack Icon.png Heat Pack 40Meat$.png
Heat Pack Icon.pngScript Overlay.png Heat Pack Script 20Meat$.png
The poisonous blood Icon.png The poisonous blood 96Meat$.png


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