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Ava Azniv
Ava Azniv.png
Vital Statistics
Shop: Yes
Gender: Female
Initial Location: Abandoned Desert City

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Ver 1.1.3

Ava Azniv is an electric engineer and inventor residing in a tower in the Abandoned Desert City. She sells high end gear and has a drone that follows her around. It is heavily implied that she is involved with Peter Asimov.




Ava Azniv's Shop – Page 1 of 1

She starts with 3000-3200Meat$.png and has the following items available for sale.

Item Price
Parachute Icon.png Parachute 578Meat$.png
Parachute Icon.pngScript Overlay.png Parachute Script 289Meat$.png
Jet Pack Icon.png Jet Pack 750Meat$.png
Jet Pack Icon.pngScript Overlay.png Jet Pack Script 375Meat$.png
Glider Icon.png Glider 525Meat$.png
Glider Icon.pngScript Overlay.png Glider Script 263Meat$.png
Battery Pack Type 01 Icon.png Battery Pack Type 01 515Meat$.png
Blaster Type 01 Icon.png Blaster Type 01 1024Meat$.png
Shotgun Icon.png Shotgun 1066Meat$.png
Sentry Type 02 Icon.png Sentry Type 02 1829Meat$.png
AI Core Type 01 Icon.png AI Core Type 01 711Meat$.png
AI Core Type 01 Icon.pngScript Overlay.png AI Core Type 01 Script 356Meat$.png
AI Core Type 02 Icon.png AI Core Type 02 1275Meat$.png
AI Core Type 02 Icon.pngScript Overlay.png AI Core Type 02 Script 638Meat$.png
AI Core Type 03 Icon.png AI Core Type 03 4161Meat$.png
AI Core Type 03 Icon.pngScript Overlay.png AI Core Type 03 Script 2081Meat$.png
Mini Battery 01 Icon.png Mini Battery 01 662Meat$.png
Mini Battery 01 Icon.pngScript Overlay.png Mini Battery 01 Script 331Meat$.png
Mini Battery 02 Icon.png Mini Battery 02 1281Meat$.png
Mini Battery 02 Icon.pngScript Overlay.png Mini Battery 02 Script 641Meat$.png
Mini Battery 03 Icon.png Mini Battery 03 3289Meat$.png
Mini Battery 03 Icon.pngScript Overlay.png Mini Battery 03 Script 1645Meat$.png
Mini Laser Turret Icon.png Mini Laser Turret 869Meat$.png
Mini Laser Turret Icon.pngScript Overlay.png Mini Laser Turret Script 435Meat$.png
Mini Particle Turret Icon.png Mini Particle Turret 1254Meat$.png
Mini Particle Turret Icon.pngScript Overlay.png Mini Particle Turret Script 627Meat$.png
Mini Missile Turret Icon.png Mini Missile Turret 4528Meat$.png
Mini Missile Turret Icon.pngScript Overlay.png Mini Missile Turret Script 2264Meat$.png
Custom Gatling Tower Icon.png Custom Gatling Tower 1931Meat$.png
Custom Gatling Tower Icon.pngScript Overlay.png Custom Gatling Tower Script 966Meat$.png
Custom Laser Tower Icon.png Custom Laser Tower 2536Meat$.png
Custom Laser Tower Icon.pngScript Overlay.png Custom Laser Tower Script 1268Meat$.png
Custom Missile Tower Icon.png Custom Missile Tower 2294Meat$.png
Custom Missile Tower Icon.pngScript Overlay.png Custom Missile Tower Script 1147Meat$.png
Assault Type 01 Icon.png Assault Type 01 1502Meat$.png


Storyline Quests[]

Optional Quests[]


If you travel directly to the city without doing any quests you will not find any NPCs there. pre-Beta