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Back to camp
Main Story
Prerequisite: Leave the Cave
Starting NPC: Nan Yang.png
Starting Location: Andhera Cave
Ending Location: Martian Camp
Leads to: Earth Camp
Engineering Talk
Making an Engine 2
Ver 1.1.3


You receive this quest from Nan Yang after the Leave the Cave quest is finished.

Nan Yang, Sara Peterson and the random NPC will head back to camp.


Back to the Martian camp.



Quest reward:

Other items gained:


Go back to the Martian Camp. (You can fast travel.) Once there, Rol Olympus will greet you, and the quest is finished.

You can have a little chat with everyone, there will be some new dialog options. If you ask for it, Sara Peterson will give you the Compressed Biscuit II Icon.pngScript Overlay.png Compressed Biscuit II Script.

Asking Alfonzo Hooke about how he got there starts the mission Earth Camp.

If you ask Nan Yang if there is anything else you can do, he will give you the side quest Making an Engine 2, while asking him about what he plans to do now will start the quest Engineering Talk.