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Blaster Type 01
Blaster Type 01 Icon.png
Class: Ranged Weapon
Subclass: Rifle
Item Level: 55
Attack: +95
Energy Cost: 5
Durability: 250
Selling Price: 231
Buying Price: 1024
Ver 1.1.3

Shoots a laser beam to attack animals
need battery equipped

This weapon uses Battery Pack Type 01 Icon.png energy instead of Bullet Icon.png bullets, making it ideal for hunting. The capacity is 35 units, and one shot costs 5 units, so the fully charged weapon can be discharged 7 times before allowing it to replenish the energy from the player's energy reserves.


Sold by[]

Replicator Script[]

Ver 1.1.3
Result Ingredients
Blaster Type 01 Icon.png 1 Blaster Type 01 Steel Icon.png 15 Steel
Glass Small Icon.png 10 Glass Small
Chipset (500 MHz) Icon.png 2 Chipset (500 MHz)
Rubber Icon.png 3 Rubber