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Type: Aggressive
Location: Forests


This animal is found in the forests of maria

It is a burrowing creature that bursts out of the ground to attack its prey. It can be seen on the surface and will attack anything close enough to it. It swings its large tongue to knock up sand and dirt, damaging and blinding its opponent.

Tactical Data[]

The blindatillo has a vast amount of health and can hit hard, both in close-quarters and at range. It will kill a lone player with ease, and is a serious threat to vehicles and turrets. Hunting it from a heavily-armed aircraft would probably work, however.

The blindatillo makes an appearance in a quest, aptly titled The Blindatillo. Thankfully, some of the NPCs helping the player fight it off have infinite health, but even so, it will be a challenge to defeat.

Blindatillo front view.jpg