Carter Camp

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Carter Camp
Carter Camp.jpg
Location Statistics
Type: Camp
Repair: Yes
Recharge: Yes
Fast Travel: Yes
Coordinates: 12260, 6525
Ver 1.1.3

Carter Camp is the landing site of the lifeboat that Allen Carter came down on. It is the first camp you encounter, immediately north of your start location.

NPCs[edit | edit source]

Initially[edit | edit source]

Allen Carter.png Allen Carter
Random NPC.png NPC Follower #1 - Offers the side quest Doctor's Assistant
Random NPC.png NPC Follower #2 - Offers the side quest Injured Knee

Joining Later[edit | edit source]

Chen Zhen.png Chen Zhen - After completing quest Tell Allen
Gerdy Hooke.png Gerdy Hooke - After completing quest Escort Mission, inactive until Camp Defense is finished

Objects[edit | edit source]

To the right of the tent there is a Solar Power Plant, where you can recharge your batteries, and a Repair Device, where you can repair equipment.

There is also a Storage Box in front of the tent, between the tent and the healing tube, containing the following items:

Name Quantity Category
Smoked Sausage Icon.png Smoked Sausage 5 Items
Restoration Bandage Icon.png Restoration Bandage 3 Items
Sleeping Bag Icon.png Sleeping Bag 1 Items
Compressed Biscuit I Icon.png Compressed Biscuit I 5 Items
Battery Pack Type 01 Icon.png Battery Pack Type 01 1 Equipment