Coelodonta Rhino

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Coelodonta Rhino
Coelodonta Rhino.jpg
Type: Defensive
Location: Grasslands

About[edit | edit source]

The Coelodonta Rhino is a large, strong herbivore, possessing a deadly set of head-weaponry. They roam the plains in large herds, but can sometimes be found alone.

Tactical Data[edit | edit source]

The greenback rhino has a lot of health, and its attacks are devastating. When one is attacked, any other rhinos in the area will rush to its aid and kill whoever attacked their friend. It is not possible to escape on foot, as they stampede at a considerable speed.

To hunt a herd of rhinos, it would be best to use turrets or a powerful vehicle. A single rhino can be slain by shooting it repeatedly whilst walking backwards as fast as possible. Melee is not recommended.