Planet Explorers Wiki


The basic controls for movement are WASD, with A and D being used for strafing. Rotation can be accomplished by holding the right mouse button down and moving. F frees the camera around the individual, or entirely if a building material is selected. The number keys select the active item in the quick bar.

Inventory[ | ]

The inventory can be opened by pressing I, or by clicking on the backpack symbol in the user interface, on the right side of the screen.

Quick Bar[ | ]

The quick bar is a set of ten item slots that you can use to keep items you may need often or quickly. To place equipment or resources in the quick bar, drag them from your inventory or left click them in the inventory and left click again on a quick bar slot. To select an item in the quick bar, just press the number of the slot on your keyboard.

Equipped Items[ | ]

Items may be equipped by right clicking them, or pressing the number of the item on the quick bar. You may also drag it from you inventory to the character panel. Equipped items do not show up in your inventory.

Building[ | ]

Building is the construction of structures in the game world, using deploy-able items like beds and resources like stone.

Replication[ | ]

Replication is the creation of new items and equipment through use of your personal replicator. To replicate an object, load a script into the replicator by right clicking it in the inventory, then open the replication menu and select it.

Creation panel[ | ]

The creation panel allows you to design guns, swords, and vehicles. These may then be saved as .peiso files and shared online, or exported into your game, if you have enough resources.

Hotkeys[ | ]

Function Keyboard Joystick
Attack Build Dig Fire1 Mouse0 JoystickButton 2
Talk Cancel Fire2 Mouse1 JoystickButton 1
AutoRun Mouse2 JoystickButton8
MoveForward W None
MoveLeft A JoystickButton4
MoveBack S None
MoveRight D JoystickButton5
Interaction Use Collect Talk E None
EnterExitAiming FreeBuildingMode F None
TakeAllItems Rotate T None
Takeout PutAwayWeapon Z None
Walk Run R JoystickButton6
Block LeftControl None
Jump SwimmingUp ThrottleUp Space JoystickButton2
Mission List Q None
Character Stats V None
QuickBar6 6 None
QuickBar7 7 None
QuickBar8 8 None
QuickBar9 9 None
LoadMenu F8 None
BuildMode E None
Climb G None
Replication Menu Y None
ItemsList I None
World Map M None
CreationSystem J None
Brake X None
HandheldPC Shop H None
Vehicle Light L None
Vehicle N20 Space None
Options CloseallUI Escape None
QuickBar1 1 JoystickButton6
QuickBar2 2 JoystickButton10
QuickBar3 3 None
QuickBar4 4 None
QuickBar5 5 None
QuickBar0 0 None
ContrIMode F2 None
FirstPersonMode / toggle camera view F5 None
SaveMenu F7 None
ScreenCapture F12 None