Dwelling Bed

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Dwelling Bed
Dwelling Bed Icon.png
Class: Base Parts
Item Level: 60
Selling Price: 285
Buying Price: 1034
Ver 1.1.3

Each Dwelling Bed allows you to house 4 colonists at your settlement. Does not require power. Beta 0.2

When placing beds be sure to leave enough overhead clearance so colonists don't get stuck on top of them!

Dimensions (blocks): 14W x 7D x 2H

Obtaining[edit | edit source]

Sold by[edit | edit source]

Replicator Script[edit | edit source]

Ver 1.1.3
Result Ingredients
Dwelling Bed Icon.png 1 Dwelling Bed Iron Icon.png 24 Iron
Foam Icon.png 16 Foam
Animal Skin Icon.png 12 Animal Skin