Energy Axe

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Energy Axe
Energy Axe Icon.png
Subclass: Ax
Item Level: 90
Type: Tool
Attack: +354 (to resource)
Attack Speed: Slow (1.6)
Get Amount: +9%
Durability: 161
Selling Price: 280
Buying Price: 840
Ver 1.1.0

The energy axe is the best standard woodcutting tool available. It has the best yield ratio combined with highest damage. Chainsaw cuts faster, but is worse because of its low yield.

Obtaining[edit | edit source]

Sold by[edit | edit source]

Replicator script[edit | edit source]

Ver 1.1.0
Result Ingredients
Energy Axe Icon.png 1 Energy Axe Aluminum Alloy Icon.png 16 Aluminum Alloy
Battery Pack Type 01 Icon.png 1 Battery Pack Type 01

Machine Costs[edit | edit source]

Enhance[edit | edit source]

Aluminum Alloy Icon.png Aluminum Alloy × 16

Repair[edit | edit source]

Aluminum Alloy Icon.png Aluminum Alloy × 6 (from 0 durability)