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Type: Aggressive
Location: Grasslands

The Ursus Firebear is a large, aggressive animal. It has two horns on the top of its head like a terrestrial bull and one backwards-curving horn on its nose (similar to a rhinoceros). Its front and rear pairs of limbs are robust and sport massive claws. Its central pair of limbs seem to be vestigal as they are greatly reduced and hang limply at the firebear's sides. It appears to create a combustive chemical (or a mixture of chemicals) in its mouth (hence its name) that it uses indiscriminantly as a weapon.

Behavior[edit | edit source]

The Ursus Firebear will attack if you enter within a certain range. Typical behavior is to stop, shoot a fireball, then approach. When in close proximity it can exhale its flammable cocktail creating a flamethrower, which can deal damage (but seems to do so erratically). Its forelimbs are its secondary weapon; it can strike characters with its claws and pounce on the ground to make a concussion blast.

Hunting[edit | edit source]

This is a dangerous animal to hunt. It breathes fireballs that can kill a lightly armored character. It is fairly accurate with it's fireball since a0.93, but a player who employs rapid strafing maneuvers can emerge from a battle (relatively) unscathed. It takes several dozen shots fired from a handgun to kill, so make sure you are ready when you confront one. It can deal considerable damage to turrets, so be careful if you try to hunt one by kiting.

Due to the range of its fireball and the delay in firing, you can lure the Firebear into shooting into a group of other aggressive animals, such as the Needlenose Giraffe, which may then kill the Firebear but leave its body for scavenging.

When killed they drop Meat, Animal Skin, Animal Fat, Animal Bone and (rarely) Bear Paw.