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Fuel Cell Type 04
Fuel Cell Type 04 Icon.png
Class: Creation System
Subclass: Energy Cell
Item Level: 90
Applicable Type: Aircraft & Boat
Max. Fuel: 168 K
Selling Price: 1484
Buying Price: 7941
Ver 1.1.3


Sold by[]

Replicator Script[]

This item can only be replicated in the Factory Replicator in the colony.

Ver 1.1.3
Result Ingredients
Fuel Cell Type 04 Icon.png 1 Fuel Cell Type 04 Hydrogen Icon.png 400 Hydrogen
Aluminum Alloy Icon.png 30 Aluminum Alloy
Steel Icon.png 20 Steel
Chipset (1 GHz) Icon.png 2 Chipset (1 GHz)
Copper Wire Icon.png 30 Copper Wire