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The Grasslands are the area where the Story Mode begins. They are characterized by broad, open fields with scattered trees. Beta 0.3

The Grasslands are probably the safest starting area in Adventure Mode too due to the abundance of medical resource plants. pre-Beta

The Highland areas within Grasslands have sparse vegetation, different plants to those found below. Beta 0.3


Name image type other
Coelodonta Rhino Coelodonta Rhino.jpg Defensive Beta 0.3
Firebear Firebear.jpg Aggressive Beta 0.3
Harpia Warbird Harpia Warbird.jpg Aggressive Beta 0.3
Hoolock Gibbon Hoolock Gibbon.jpg Defensive Beta 0.3
Lepus Hare Lepus Hare.jpg Aggressive Beta 0.3
Lupus Wolf Lupus Wolf.jpg Aggressive Beta 0.3
Maristag Maristag.jpg Passive Beta 0.3
Needlenose Giraffe Needlenose Giraffe.jpg Defensive Beta 0.3
Red Korona Red Korona.jpg Aggressive pre-Beta
Rhino Wolf Rhino Wolf.jpg Aggressive Beta 0.3
Testudo Turtle Testudo Turtle.jpg Defensive Beta 0.3
Uredklad 200px Aggressive pre-Beta





The following fast-travel locations can be found in The Grasslands.