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Guard Boots
Guard Boots (F) Icon.png
Class: Protection (f)
Subclass: Shoes
Item Level: 45
Defense: +8
Durability: 19
Selling Price: 109
Buying Price: 395
Attack: +3%
HP Recovery/5s: +2
Hunger Expenditure: +10%
Comfort: +5
Comfort Expenditure: -4%
Parts of the set
Guard Armor (F)
Guard Gloves (F)
Guard Pants (F)
Guard Boots (F)
2-set pieces:
  Defense +10
4-set pieces:
  Defense +25
Ver 1.1.3


Sold by[]

Replicator Script[]

Ver 1.1.3
Result Ingredients
Guard Boots (F) Icon.png 1 Guard Boots (F) Bronze Icon.png 8 Bronze
Iron Icon.png 8 Iron
Animal Skin Icon.png 2 Animal Skin