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Here Goes Nothing
follow / defend mission
Main Story
Prerequisite: Help Peter!
Starting NPC: Ava Azniv.png
Leads to: Back to the city
Ver 1.1.3


You receive this quest from Ava Azniv automatically after the quest Help Peter!.

Ava Azniv gives you some Laser Cannon Icon.png Laser Cannons and Missile Launcher Icon.png Missile Launchers to set up a perimeter and destroy the tower and its guardians.


Eliminate the giant robots and destroy emanation tower C.


  • Eliminate the giant robots
Unknown Icon.png ×3
  • Destroy emanation point C


Quest reward:

Other items gained:


The three guardians at this tower are way tougher than the ones you've fought before. Deploy all the turrets Ava gave you and try to fight the guardians one at a time. This can be tricky, because if you put the turrets too close to them, they might start shooting at the guardians and even pull all three before you've deployed all of your turrets. If you put the turrets too far, the guardians may never come into their firing ranges because the moment you shoot one of them, your whole group will rush forward and attack it, so it might turn its attention towards them and not come far enough in your direction to enter your turrets' killing zone.

Once all guardians are taken care of, destroy the tower, and the quest is completed. You will automatically proceed to the quest Back to the city.