Moric Gahn

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Moric Gahn
Moric Gahn.png
Vital Statistics
Shop: Yes
Gender: Male
Origin: Earth
Initial Location: Earth Camp

Defense Increase I.png Empty Skill Slot.png Empty Skill Slot.png Empty Skill Slot.png Empty Skill Slot.png

Ver 1.1.3

Moric Gahn is the resident botanist at the Earth Camp.

Backstory[edit | edit source]


Shop[edit | edit source]

Moric Gahn's Shop – Page 1 of 2
Moric Gahn's Shop – Page 2 of 2

He starts with 1000-1700Meat$.png and has the following items available for sale.

Item Price
Euphorbia Seed Icon.png Euphorbia Seed 6Meat$.png
Cycas Seed Icon.png Cycas Seed 6Meat$.png
Tulip Seed Icon.png Tulip Seed 6Meat$.png
Peach Flower Seed Icon.png Peach Flower Seed 6Meat$.png
Acai Palm Seed Icon.png Acai Palm Seed 6Meat$.png
Shade Weed Seed Icon.png Shade Weed Seed 6Meat$.png
Maria Sunflower Seed Icon.png Maria Sunflower Seed 6Meat$.png
Mini Corn Seed Icon.png Mini Corn Seed 6Meat$.png
Lotus Seed Icon.png Lotus Seed 6Meat$.png
Red Mushroom Seed Icon.png Red Mushroom Seed 6Meat$.png
Blue Anemone Seed Icon.png Blue Anemone Seed 6Meat$.png
Vampire Leaves Seed Icon.png Vampire Leaves Seed 6Meat$.png
Punica Granatum Seed Icon.png Punica Granatum Seed 6Meat$.png
Flute Grass Seed Icon.png Flute Grass Seed 6Meat$.png
Goat Leaf Seed Icon.png Goat Leaf Seed 6Meat$.png
Daner Fern Seed Icon.png Daner Fern Seed 6Meat$.png
Flowering Cactus Seed Icon.png Flowering Cactus Seed 6Meat$.png
Jade Potato Seed Icon.png Jade Potato Seed 6Meat$.png
Dragon Pod Seed Icon.png Dragon Pod Seed 6Meat$.png
Leakyboat Grass Seed Icon.png Leakyboat Grass Seed 6Meat$.png
Hawkshine Fruit Seed Icon.png Hawkshine Fruit Seed 6Meat$.png
Hydrocotyle Verticillata Seed Icon.png Hydrocotyle Verticillata Seed 6Meat$.png
Catchfly Grass Seed Icon.png Catchfly Grass Seed 6Meat$.png
Snapjelly Seed Icon.png Snapjelly Seed 6Meat$.png
Pigment Icon.png Pigment 3Meat$.png
Pigment Icon.pngScript Overlay.png Pigment Script 2Meat$.png
Resin Icon.png Resin 12Meat$.png
Plant Fiber Icon.png Plant Fiber 4Meat$.png
Euphorbia Icon.png Euphorbia 3Meat$.png
Cycas Icon.png Cycas 3Meat$.png
Tulip Icon.png Tulip 3Meat$.png
Peach Flower Fruit Icon.png Peach Flower Fruit 3Meat$.png
Acai Palm Icon.png Acai Palm 3Meat$.png
Shade Weed Icon.png Shade Weed 3Meat$.png
Maria Sunflower Icon.png Maria Sunflower 3Meat$.png
Mini Corn Icon.png Mini Corn 3Meat$.png
Lotus Icon.png Lotus 3Meat$.png
Red Mushroom Icon.png Red Mushroom 3Meat$.png
Blue Anemone Icon.png Blue Anemone 3Meat$.png
Vampire Leaves Icon.png Vampire Leaves 3Meat$.png
Punica Granatum Icon.png Punica Granatum 3Meat$.png
Flute Grass Icon.png Flute Grass 3Meat$.png
Goat Leaf Icon.png Goat Leaf 3Meat$.png
Daner Fern Icon.png Daner Fern 3Meat$.png
Flowering Cactus Icon.png Flowering Cactus 3Meat$.png
Jade Potato Icon.png Jade Potato 3Meat$.png
Dragon Pod Icon.png Dragon Pod 3Meat$.png
Leakyboat Grass Icon.png Leakyboat Grass 3Meat$.png
Hawkshine Fruit Icon.png Hawkshine Fruit 3Meat$.png
Hydrocotyle Verticillata Icon.png Hydrocotyle Verticillata 3Meat$.png
Catchfly Grass Icon.png Catchfly Grass 3Meat$.png
Snapjelly Icon.png Snapjelly 3Meat$.png

Missions[edit | edit source]

Storyline Quests[edit | edit source]