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SPOILER WARNING: Details that follow may spoil your enjoyment of the game.

NPCs are an entity type within Planet Explorers that is meant for interaction rather than fighting. All NPCs have a nameplate above them, it is their major distinguishing feature.

NPC Types[edit | edit source]

NPCs can be grouped into types by:

Creation Method[edit | edit source]

Recruitability[edit | edit source]

  • Possible Colonist - can be invited to join colony
  • Possible Follower - can accompany you in your travels AND be invited to join colony
  • Non-recruitable - none of the above

Shop Availability[edit | edit source]

  • Vendor
  • Non-Vendor

List of NPCs by location (Story Mode)[edit | edit source]

Listed in order the location appears in the main questline.

Crash Site[edit | edit source]

Carter Camp[edit | edit source]

Meteorite Crater[edit | edit source]

Rock Formation[edit | edit source]

Firebear Nest[edit | edit source]

Adisa Camp[edit | edit source]

Martian Camp[edit | edit source]

Andhera Cave[edit | edit source]

Earth Camp[edit | edit source]

Coast Crash Site[edit | edit source]

Stuck Ship[edit | edit source]

Abandoned Desert City[edit | edit source]

Martian Colony[edit | edit source]

Wiles Camp[edit | edit source]

Viola Camp[edit | edit source]

Alphabetical List of NPCs[edit | edit source]

Follower NPCs[edit | edit source]

Follower NPCs can fight and get resources for you. They have already equipped weapons but you can give them your own, by clicking on their picture in the UI or hitting Alt-F. If they have a ranged weapon you have to supply ammo, otherwise they will not use it. You can also give them healing items in their inventory, after a while they will use it. If a follower NPC dies, you can go to their corpse and give them a revival item. They also get hungry, and it's up to you to supply them with food.

Please note that follower NPCs have their names and appearances randomly generated by the game engine.

Their abilities, equipment, quests and skills are either fixed or selected from a 'short list'. They are identified here by the location where they can be first be found. e.g. Carter Camp Recruitable #1, or just Carter Camp 1. pre-Beta

  • Carter Camp Recruitable #1 - Skill: Shield Spec, Sword Spec, Bow Spec, Herb Gatherer and None - Quest: Injured Knee - Equip: Wooden Shield, Wooden Sword, Issued Clothing pre-Beta
  • Carter Camp Recruitable #2 - Skill: Shield Spec, Sword Spec, Bow Spec, Assoc Healer and None. and None - Quest: Doctor's Assistant - Equip: Wooden Shield, Wooden Sword, Issued Clothing pre-Beta