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Pujan Camp
Pujan Camp.jpg
Location Statistics
Type: Native Camp
Fast Travel: Yes
Coordinates:  9976, 8832
11999, 9050
11089, 9261

A Pujan Camp is a camp inhabited by Puja, one of Maria's native sentient species.

  • One is located north of the Martian Camp at 9976, 8832. The residents seem to live fairly civilized lives, which sparks intrigue as to the possibility that they might be sentient. It's where the residents of the Martian Camp including Nan Yang are held captive, but broken free by Tariq Bakir with the help of the player.
  • Another is located north-east of the Natives' Relic at 11999, 9050. This one however features manned artillery and many more armed Pujan axemen and snipers. Approach this site with caution!


Puja Icon.png Pujan Axeman
Puja Icon.png Pujan Sniper

Until the quest Negotiations, nearly every Pujan you encounter will be hostile (except for Fruity Trip quest). After you have arranged peace, they will become passive and invulnerable, and some Pujan NPCs will appear.


(9976, 8832)[]

Rol Olympus.png Rol Olympus - Until the quest Rescue the Survivors
Random NPC.png Random NPC - Until the quest Rescue the Survivors

Fort Jaoqiija (11999, 9050)[]

Puja Elder.png Lossja - After the quest Negotiations
Puja Warlord.png Piheheo - After the quest Negotiations
Puja Warlord.png Oiiopiy - After the quest Negotiations