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Replication is the name of the system in the game that allows you to craft (replicate) objects using other objects and resources as ingredients.

Replicating objects[edit | edit source]

In order to replicate any object you must first have acquired a script (recipe) for that object and then open the replication window. By default the key for this is Y.png.

Replication window script.png

On the left side of the replication window you can see the scripts category icons in white, they can be used to filter the items by category.
Next to it you see a list of all items you can replicate. Above this list is a dropdown filter that filters by subcategory, if there are any.
Selecting any one of the items causes the right side to indicate what materials are needed to create the result. In the screenshot, the Rifle Type 01 is selected.

The main part of the replication window starts with a search bar where you can filter the item list by item name.
Below that is a display of items that can be replicated from the currently selected item. The screenshot shows the Rifle Type 02 there because the selected type 01 can be used to craft the type 02.
Next is the replication tree where you see the item you are going to replicate, with the amount you already have and a number that shows how many items you will create. You will also see the items with amount required for the replication. In the screenshot, that is 15 iron, 12 copper and 2 wood.
Below the replication tree you can select the number of items to replicate, the numbers in the replication tree will change accordingly. The 'Min' and 'Max' buttons immediately set this value to the minimum or maximum you can make with the resources you have.

If you do not have enough resources to replicate, the numbers next to the missing items in the replication tree will be red. You can click the item in the replication tree to select it for replication, it is not necessary to find it in the items list.

Notes[edit | edit source]

As of v0.53 replicating multiple objects takes just as long as replicating a single one.