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Tank Parson
Tank Parson.png
Vital Statistics
Shop: Yes
Gender: Male
Origin: Mars
Initial Location: Martian Colony

Farming Training III.png Harvesting Training III.png Master Logger.png Master Herbalist.png Empty Skill Slot.png

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Tank is a Martian botanist specialist. His entire family died when Earth forces nuked Emerald Station, shortly after he left it. Though he knows better than to hate Earthlings, he fully supports the segregation as he thinks Earth and Mars should go separate ways.


Tank Parson's Shop – Page 1 of 1

He starts with 2100-2600Meat$.png and has the following items available for sale.

Item Price
Euphorbia Seed Icon.png Euphorbia Seed 6Meat$.png
Cycas Seed Icon.png Cycas Seed 6Meat$.png
Tulip Seed Icon.png Tulip Seed 6Meat$.png
Peach Flower Seed Icon.png Peach Flower Seed 6Meat$.png
Acai Palm Seed Icon.png Acai Palm Seed 6Meat$.png
Shade Weed Seed Icon.png Shade Weed Seed 6Meat$.png
Maria Sunflower Seed Icon.png Maria Sunflower Seed 6Meat$.png
Mini Corn Seed Icon.png Mini Corn Seed 6Meat$.png
Lotus Seed Icon.png Lotus Seed 6Meat$.png
Red Mushroom Seed Icon.png Red Mushroom Seed 6Meat$.png
Blue Anemone Seed Icon.png Blue Anemone Seed 6Meat$.png
Vampire Leaves Seed Icon.png Vampire Leaves Seed 6Meat$.png
Punica Granatum Seed Icon.png Punica Granatum Seed 6Meat$.png
Flute Grass Seed Icon.png Flute Grass Seed 6Meat$.png
Goat Leaf Seed Icon.png Goat Leaf Seed 6Meat$.png
Daner Fern Seed Icon.png Daner Fern Seed 6Meat$.png
Flowering Cactus Seed Icon.png Flowering Cactus Seed 6Meat$.png
Jade Potato Seed Icon.png Jade Potato Seed 6Meat$.png
Dragon Pod Seed Icon.png Dragon Pod Seed 6Meat$.png
Leakyboat Grass Seed Icon.png Leakyboat Grass Seed 6Meat$.png
Hawkshine Fruit Seed Icon.png Hawkshine Fruit Seed 6Meat$.png
Hydrocotyle Verticillata Seed Icon.png Hydrocotyle Verticillata Seed 6Meat$.png
Catchfly Grass Seed Icon.png Catchfly Grass Seed 6Meat$.png
Snapjelly Seed Icon.png Snapjelly Seed 6Meat$.png
Resin Icon.png Resin 12Meat$.png
Plant Fiber Icon.png Plant Fiber 4Meat$.png


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