Tariq Bakir

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Tariq Bakir
Tariq Bakir.png
Vital Statistics
Shop: Yes
Gender: Male
Origin: Mars
Initial Location: 9339, 7834

Empty Skill Slot.png Empty Skill Slot.png Empty Skill Slot.png Empty Skill Slot.png Empty Skill Slot.png

Ver 1.1.3

"We just moved into an occupied house, God have mercy."

―Tariq, after completing Find the Alien Camp

Tariq Bakir is a Martian met at the start of the quest Alien ambush.

He features in the following quests: Finding Martians and Find the Alien Camp, and resides firstly at the Martian Camp, then later at the Martian Colony. His attitude towards the Earth colonists is relaxed, possibly due to how the player helps him upon first meeting.

Backstory[edit | edit source]

Tariq is a zoologist, who really had nothing much left to do back on Earth, because all the species were already documented. He loves his job and views the expedition as an opportunity.

Shop[edit | edit source]

Tariq Bakir's Shop – Page 1 of 1

He starts with 800-1100Meat$.png and has the following items available for sale.

Item Price
Animal Skin Icon.png Animal Skin 12Meat$.png
Animal Bone Icon.png Animal Bone 24Meat$.png
Animal Fat Icon.png Animal Fat 13Meat$.png
Animal Fat Icon.pngScript Overlay.png Animal Fat Script 7Meat$.png
Lizard Ribs Icon.png Lizard Ribs 3Meat$.png
Rabbit Leg Meat Icon.png Rabbit Leg Meat 4Meat$.png
Wings Meat Icon.png Wings Meat 6Meat$.png
Bear Paw Icon.png Bear Paw 12Meat$.png

Missions[edit | edit source]

Storyline Quests[edit | edit source]

Optional Quests[edit | edit source]