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Torch Light
Side Quest
Prerequisite: Making Juice
Starting NPC: Gerdy Hooke.png
Starting Location: Crash Site
Ending NPC: Gerdy Hooke.png
Ending Location: Crash Site
Leads to: Campfire
Ver 1.1.3


You can get this quest by talking to Gerdy Hooke after finishing the Making Juice quest.

Collect the necessary ingredients, then Gerdy will give you a Torch Icon.png Torch and the Torch Icon.pngScript Overlay.png Torch Script. She also gives you the Animal Fat Icon.pngScript Overlay.png Animal Fat Script at the quest start.


Get some animal fat from the nearby Marihares.


Wood Icon.png ×1
Animal Fat Icon.png ×1


Quest reward:

Other items gained:


You can kill Animals and loot their corpses until you get Animal Fat Icon.png Animal Fat, but it is not necessary to kill a Lepus Hare as the quest description says, you can also kill Maristags, which are much less risky as they don't fight back. Only the Animal Fat Icon.png Animal Fat is important, so you don't even have to hunt anything, you can simply replicate some from Meat Icon.png Meat, and start hunting a little later, when you have better weapons.

Bring the Animal Fat Icon.png Animal Fat and the Wood Icon.png Wood to Gerdy to complete the quest and get the Torch Icon.png Torch and Torch Icon.pngScript Overlay.png Torch Script.

Afterwards you can ask her if there is more you can do, and be given the Campfire quest.