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Water Icon.png
Class: Food
Item Level: 1
Selling Price: 0
Buying Price: 3
Ver 1.1.3


Water can be obtained by using the Water Pitcher Icon.png Water Pitcher or the more efficient Mobile Water Pump Icon.png Mobile Water Pump while swimming or standing in water. Both tools may also gather a small amount of Salt Icon.png Salt when used.

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General Information[]

The water in this game can be tricky at times and behaves in a similar fashion to the water in Classic Minecraft, that is, infinitely. As a result, once water has been unleashed upon an area it will continue to flood in until the water reaches an equilibrium. It is worthwhile to note however that the blocks you place in Build Mode will not prevent water from moving. pre-Beta

Preventing Floods[]

To prevent floods you must instead create two walls three blocks apart on the terrain in order to sandwich pieces of the original map in between your walls. Make sure that there is original terrain in between the two wall segments. pre-Beta


  • Water appears to flow only down and until equilibrium has been reached. pre-Beta
  • The rate at which the water enters is dependent on the size of the hole and the difference in heights. pre-Beta
  • Player placed blocks do not prevent water flow. pre-Beta
  • When tunneling through water, it is possible to create an air pocket by digging a block up. pre-Beta

Its likely water behaves in other ways as well, but at this point of time, there has been little documented testing. pre-Beta

Underwater Bases[]

An underwater base has little purpose other than to be fun and challenging to construct, here are some basic steps to building one. pre-Beta

Step 1: The Platform[]

Construct a platform for your character above the desired location, this is so that your avatar does not drown while building your bases outline. Note: All digging comes at the very end of the design process. pre-Beta

Step 2: The Mine Shaft[]

Enter build mode (Hotkey B) and then Free mode (Hotkey F). From free mode you'll water to build a shaft from the lake/ocean floor to your bases desired depth. There should be no less than a 3x3 hole in the shaft. If you make the shaft too deep you may be putting yourself at risk of drowning. pre-Beta

Step 3: The Tunnel[]

Once your shaft bottoms out, build a tunnel no less than six blocks long. This gives you a buffer from your own tunnel which could deliver a lethal dosage of water to your base. The tunnel should be at a lower elevation than the rest of your base because once you reach the end of your tunnel, you should design a ramp that goes from the floor to the top of the tunnel in order to form an air pocket. pre-Beta

Step 4: The Walls[]

The walls are the most important part of the base and are also the trickiest to build. The most important aspect of the wall is that they cannot be solid. Instead, the walls protecting your base from water must consist of two walls in order to sandwich pieces of the original terrain between them. They must always have a minimum of three blocks in between them. If you keep this in mind, you should have no troubles designing your base. Make it as big as you want as long as you build walls separating you and water properly. pre-Beta

Step 5: Post those Selfies (of Planet Explorer)[]

Show off your impressive new base to all your friends and laugh as they try to replicate it but end up flooding it. Best of luck! pre-Beta


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